Emma + Mike's Greenhouse Loft wedding was the perfect celebration for such a creative couple.

Because of their mutual love of theater, it was only natural that they met on a theater production in college. Mike is outgoing and loves to be the center of attention. Emma prefers to be quietly in the background working on production. When they got together, it was a perfect match.

"I'd like to thank my wife. She has poured so much coffee, sweat and tears into this day. It almost rivals the amount of love I have for her."

"Whenever I'm around her, my mind settles. I stop my inner monologue of things I need to do...because she is here."

At their Greenhouse Loft wedding, their family and friends made sure their shared interests were made evident. Emma + Mike share a love of theater, Disney movies and Dungeons & Dragons. Their creative families and friends are well versed in theater. So, of course there had to be one music performance. Much to Mike's surprise, his sister belted out a verse from the musical Hamilton, "A toast to the bride, a toast to the groom, from your sister..." Both Mike + Emma were moved to tears. 

Ceremony/Reception: Greenhouse Loft | Event Planning: Wedicity | Eats: Hearty Boys | Florals: Trablume | Officiant: Mike Frisch | Sweets: Rebekah Radewahn | Jams: Music by Design

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